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Disclaimer This Software DOES NOT! Stream Media or Content Directly! You must supply a legal service (ie. Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix...) in order to watch a specific show. Screenshots represent the software configured. Users must supply all content and applications in-order to view media.

PseudoTV Live is  channel-surfing for your media center. Never again will you have to actually pick what you want to watch. Use an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to view what's on or select a show to watch. This script will also let you create your own custom channels and watch them. Here's a few current features.

  • Automatic channel creation based on your Kodi library.
  • Add channels for streaming content.
  • Optionally customize the channels you want with the channel configuration tool.
  • Utilize the Kodi smart playlist editor to create advanced channel setups.
  • View what was on, is on, and will be on. Select any program to watch it now!
  • Want to pause a channel while you watch another, and come back to it to watch later? You can do that.
  • An idle-timer makes sure you aren't spinning a hard-drive needlessly all night.